March 09, 2006


Chicagoans, with and interest in R&B:turn on channel 11 at 1:35 am.

Also, it should post shortly, but this weeks reader has a long review about how I went from loving Common to not loving him, in the span of 2 hours in a balcony box at House of Blues, which features the phrases "my blog" and "feminist boner" in the first sentence, which, blv it or not, was actually my editors doing.

Also, in section one, a play by play of a shopping cart race I attended, the Chiditerod = the most suprise fun I have had all winter. Props to unmentioned Team Double Dare, who kept me going all day long by giving me mini-boxes of Dots to power me through my ride. Riding along with the Biking Vikings, Double Dare and Runaway Bride teams was hard work, and unlike them I was not smoking, chugging Sparks and Guiness, and running with a shopping cart in tow. I wish the photog had gotten a picture of the Double Dare's musher, "Marc Summers". They were spectacular and fast.

Every day of 4th grade, my friend and I would watch Double Dare and then have long discussions on the phone about what we would do if we won, what prizes we wanted most. I always wanted the battery powered child-sized car. I thought if I had one of those, I could really be free, and just take off, run away from my divorcing parents, cruising towards the horizon of my new life, via the sidewalks of St. Paul at 6 mph. I watched that show every day, and dreamed of my future, as a childrens game show winner, victorious, doused in condiments, driving away in a tiny convertable.

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