March 09, 2006


Finally a night free, and I pretend-plan like I am really going to crack the whip, I am really getting shit done now, taxes, cleaning, crafts, penning way genius tomes by the half dozen. But I know, when it comes down to it, as ever, I will wind up just sorting assorted piles, watching a samurai movie and putting pictures of my grandma on my myspace page, reading the obits in the Times. Which is exactly what happened.

I have important plans. Tons of them. Recipes to try, books to write, cat outfits and human outfits to make, letters to the aged, Xavier Cugat albums from the thrift to be listened to, library books fast approaching their due barely cracked, weeks of the New Yorker spread on the floor like puppy training paper, birthday mail, two paintings, things that belong in Canada and not on my desk, final two shows of Season two of 24, infinite amounts of important googling to be done, dishes, lists, fond rememberances, stretches, petting times with Wyatt and Monkee, revolutionary slogans to be stitched into sweaters.
It's all still undone.
All of it.
Tonight they remained just plans.

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