March 02, 2006


The aniticipation of the result is always worse than the actual result. I have had three weeks to be ready for the morning where I wake up and his books are gone and there are spaces where his furniture was. Instead, it's just all jokes and more jokes and petting each others hair assuredly. Yesterday, we went to run errands and I made a "most excruciating mix" for the car -- choice cuts were "I'm not in love" by 10 CC, "Do You Love Me now?" by The Breeders, "You Broke My Heart" by Lavender Diamond, and of course "If I was Your Girlfreind" and of course Tom Petty's "Even the Losers (Get Lucky Sometimes)" to rub it in--I nearly peed my smock I was cackling so hard.

And so it stands... the most amicable break up in recorded history begins it's ending.

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