February 27, 2006


Rjyan Kidwell writes with this hot link of Prince on American Bandstand c. 79/80. I do not even know where to start with this one. Rjyan really called it with this comment:" I can't wait to get interviewed on television so I can bite the four- fingers-to-the-face-of-the-interviewer move." Also, imagine anyone on a national TV program for teenagers rubbing their golden crotch while lip-synching the words "I wanna be the only one you cum for", today in 2006. I know people do explicit shit on TV all day and night, but people don't be nasty like that on TV. PS. How did Prince just like, walk around being that coy and pro-actively fuckable at such a young age, how do you get yr game that tight that fast? PPS. Watching Prince treating Dick Clark like you treat a drunk asshole who tries to talk to you in a bar is really, truly gratifying.

Looks we should consider rocking for the spring:
1. Clear pants w/ leotard.
2. Pajama top/womens negligee with gold lame strecth pants.
2.5 golden pants with silver boots and metallic pink top /all metallic outfits.
3. Mary Tyler Moore style flip (for dudes)
4. A prison costume and wrap around shades
5. High wasted spandex pants with suspenders.
6. Total disgust towards Dick Clark at all times
7. Bass-cape.

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