February 26, 2006


While Lent does not officially start til Ash Weds, later this week, the lenten season starts today, with Transfiguration Sunday. Transfiguration Sunday is about the hope that no situation beyond hope, that none of us are beyond redemption, that the world can be changed. Then on Weds, comes my favorite part, which at the church I go to goes like this: Candelight nighttime service (magic, and also spooky to the bone), we are given peices of paper and a golf pencil and we sit in silence for a while and write out what we want to be forgiven for. Then, some hymns, reading, solemness, then we walk up to the altar, put our notes in a basket and one of the pastors presses a thumbload of ashes to our forehead and we go sit back down. The notes are taken, after service, and put in a habachi grill in the parking lot and burned and then are put in a jar to be kept as the Lenten ashes for next year. Then, then, there is the 40 days of lent, which to me is about sitting in the (proverbial, not literal) darkness and the stillness and being with your faith, be it pithy or slight or all-consuming or scary as shit. You just do. You just be in the dark with whatever it is, confident and doubting, at once.

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