February 23, 2006


Minneapolis! Kiki Smith mini exhibit opens at the Walker on the 26th. I am coming up to see that soon. Kiki Smith is feminist mystery within, transfigured and put into wax looking forms, spirit girls running, and a kind of sadness that I feel is purely a woman science. I hate it when I brush against biological exclusivity ( it's where my Dworkininsm splinters, because I am know any real revolution, internal and in the world of day-by-day practice, is dude-inclusive. They need the liberation of feminism just as terribly as we do.)--but that is how I feel about her work. March is Women's History month so we get to be in museums and shit, all month long . They are even letting me speak at the library because of it. More details TK on ye olde All Girl Critic Rountable at Harold Washington Library on 3/11. Total night at the Hoppera. The last time some of these same folks and I were on a roundtable, I uh, "held forth"--I am a bit of a roundtable dominator, especially if the other folks are saying stuff like "sexism does not really effect my life." I think this one should be good, it is moderated by a librarian! A real one! Maybe she knows what they did with the Due Date Cards.

It is over 40 degrees right now; the border of spring feels empowering -- it makes me feel like a Roman. Like I could pilage. Like I could sock some Gauls, even.

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