February 20, 2006


The other day Ben and I went to Myopic to look for books for young Hollis, and I wound up buying books for young me, including Martze , a book from 1968 by Jack Sendak, for this passage, which I read as being about the delight in loving a thing, the joy of being rapt:

"Martze was sure of his magic now. He delighted in his new found power. He could do anything. He was a magician -- not in the usual sense of the word, a trickster. No, he was a boy who could do real magic. Magic. Magic. He loved the very sound of the word."

Martze, the boy magician of the story, is drawn casually dressed like a detective in a noir film, but is only 7 or 9 years old but dapper like a grown up, like a New York baby about to do some soft shoe routine. It makes the book all the more fantastical.

Et une plus de chose -- another night, another movie: Von Trier's second installment of the America trilogy, Manderlay. Might take a me a week to wrap my head around the entire thing, as it teases out the Dogville topic, engages them more deeply and more fancifully, but this time, specific to uniquely American racism and good intentions and "justice". I thought it was a really fine film. If you have seen it, email me, I wanna know what you thought. The words for it all are still rolling around the back of my head and have not introduced themselves yet.

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