February 20, 2006


Saw the Neil Young movie last night. We missed some beginnings due to being locked in line behind change dropping teenagers and popcorn purchasing flirters, and by the time we walked in, Neil was large on the screen, his rancher hat covering his wet eyes, sat and he sang "I just want to tell you / You sure mean a lot to me / It may sound simple / But you are the world to me / It's such a precious thing / That time we shared together / I must apologize / For the troubled times" -- I was like, please, please Neil, please, quick sing the song about the farm dog, sing about the wheat, please do not sing this right now ---he's sitting right next to me.

The whole movie was just fine. Emmylou is so botoxed out she cannot move her mouth, and reminded me of this dude , but with luxurious hair, like a Pekinese. I love Emmylou, but I do not understand why someone so naturally talented and pretty would botox themselves into a death mask situation.

In other news, I would suggest you stop what yr doing and go pick up Neneh Cherry's commercially failed but super awesome Homebrew album. I got it used for 2.99$, but it is worth at least 8$, if just for the song promoting condoms and sex education, "Trout", which is a duet with Michael Stipe, where he raps about why safe sex should be taught in schools which ends with a line about bureacracy -- it is more stilted and monotone than Guru's cameo on the album opener "Sassy". The song is a polyglot mess, big beat funnabe trip hop, moody synth strings, but also harmonicas and banjos --very nineties-funky. It is really, really good and mostly about being a single mom, self-respect, "heartbeats with pain" and how she is not going to get played. There could not be more stuff "wrong" with the album, but it could not be MORE CRUCIAL and correct.

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