February 18, 2006


My piece about my night out at Oswego East High School, going to a show for high schoolers and meeting ten yr old future star, Gia Muzzalupo, the singer for Hot Goth Chicks ("we're a mix of hip hop, rap and country") is in this weeks Reader.
Also, the girl featured in "WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?" and I got in a near fight once when she was astanding in the keg line at a party at buddy I was djing, simply because I said "ever time I see you, you are wearing that cumberbund" and she YELLED " THAT IS NOT TRUE! I NEVER WEAR THE SAME OUTFIT TWICE!".

Maybe one day I can be in What Are You Wearing? I will wear my angora sweater with the wet holes in it from where the kitten will not stop nursing it's armpits, a long wool shirt and kneesocks, pearls and my almond SAS orthos. Nothing says "fox" like the creept cat lady look kicked 55 years early.

I promise that this bout with smoking, it is just recreational. It is crisis smoking.

Thanks to everyone for the real nice emails re: the break up highlighted by yesterdays post. Did not mean to make y'all cry. It's not that bad*. I mean, it is terrible and deeply sad. Forever turned out to only be 10 months long, that's all.

(*I mean, it could be worse, I could be the girl who got double teamed by Kid Rock and Scott Stapp in that sex tape. Can you imagine being banged by the dude in CREED?! who while banging you says shit like " Ahhhh...It's good to be king")

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