February 16, 2006


Amen and glory be to the SPIN magazine paymaster, for now that my check has arrived, I can roll up to Harold Washington Downtown Branch and pay off my 27$ in library fees. I am dressed up special for the library, maje wool and orthos, librarian marm look of yore. Matt asked if my skirt was previously a blanket. Uh, no. I am like a all wool supernova of grandma fashion, with so much class and comfort shoeing, I am in another fashion universe.

Secondly, that emo documentary I am, Bastards of Young, the trailer is viewable online . I have incredible shame about the fact that I am smoking during my entire interview, I apologize, now, as a non smoker, for being such a gross smoker and a bad role model for girls watching that. I am on camera talking about feminism, about helping emo then hating emo, on two hours sleep and a half pack of lights looking tore up and talking unebbing shit about Warped tour enforcing gender stereotypes or something. I am not proud of the smoking. The rest, par for the course. ANYHOW, the women who made the movie are DIY film makers, really awesome and their movie is REALLY GOOD even if you hate Jimmy Eat World like you do Carl Rove. I would recommend you watch it if you can.

I promise I will write you something real soon. My brain is taken up with other duties currently. I may resort to pictures shortly.

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