February 15, 2006


Chicagoans! I forgot to tell you, and this is so good, if you do not have a tee vee, you got 2 hours to heist one ala "Ante Up" -- the Staple Singers doc is on 'ol PBS tonight. 10:30 o ' clock on channel 11. (Pops Staples, handsome and gentle, rocking rough and tuff with his cumulous afro-puffs* = #1 old man crush por vida, tied with retired Fed chairman Alan Greenspan, who I only like because he seemed certain and reasonable when there was no reason to found, not cos I think he's hot or anything.) STAPLES = cabrini rebel music, liberation and revolution through christian soul music. TV ON!

(*ps: lady of rage fans - she is on the new dogg pound dvd / mix tape / taffeta chemise / whatevers)

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