February 11, 2006


I don;t think people understand sometimes. I mean, I know they do not.
I had not seen the Coughs ever, at least not in years. They used to practice next to Challenger and they were so loud and violent and froked out, together with our more normal rock outfit sound, it made my dream band./ Sometimes when we would stop we'd just stand and listen and ask what the fuck is going on over there, a Borbetmagus cover band? and one breaks, some kids, mens and womens both, would saunter out in sleeveless lacey blouses and wrought haircuts, young with limp long limbs like "what gives?". I avoided seeing them for a while since their record was not really a repeater, for me, though I had high hopes. Then last night, after Sandcats busted deep terra dub with such nuclear bass peoples insides were prolapsing-out, Coughs killed me.

And ever one else.
I am actually faxing this in from beyond the grave.
Recalibrated septet Coughs were like Lake of Dracula + Poptatari-era Boredoms, fronted by a woman who is like Patti Smith if she had been raised by meth heads and never heard music. She undid her pants, onstage, and let them fall a little. It was not on some "sexy" shit -- she was wearing one or two pairs of Hanes Her Ways briefs... and trying to break a bottle of Bud against her own hip bones. I was screaming YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING YOU ARE THE BEST MORE MORE GOOD JOB DO IT AGAIN MORE MORE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and JR was yelling YOU ARE THE BEST, just because how could we not? Rob Doran, of Pit er Pat, kept saying "You sound like a coach, you sound like a dad at soccer practice" and I was like "so?" and then he said it again, and repeated what I was saying that reminded him and I was like "why not yell? why not yell in the most earnest fucking way? Is that not cool?" and he was like "no, it's just you sound like a coach" -- he said it another three times. JR insisted he was not trying to beef, s'not Rob's way, but I was like "so?" the first 4 times he said it and then it moved to "I don't care", third time I just plugged my ears and screamed WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO for an encore.
If I sound like a coach, if i sound like a dad and a mom, if I sound like two geese getting rim jobs from a polar bear cub, I don't care because:


The pit was way brokeback, gay dude make outs and the serious moshing, like, Intergrity 3000 reunion sans "the lawnmower" move.

I will write more. Again and again and again.
Now, for the date!

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