February 10, 2006


Ok, well.
Pretty Girls make Graves new album, review nutshell after cursory listen: They do not sound like Discount anymore. Mainly because they have taken to shouting down Babylon. S'true. Dub-ub-ub-ub univeralis--with melodica and 1/2 reggae gentle beats! No punk pound, no 4/4, no nu punk disco freedom. It's a puberty-of-sound album, like they were aiming for Combat Rock, but could only eek out Sandanista .

Goodnight! Tommorow, scintalating report: I am speaking at a career day at an "inner city highschool" -- I have to get up 3 hours early in order to do it too. Keynote speaker is a former manager of the Chicago Bulls. BIZONKERS, my little life.

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