February 06, 2006


These people are my friends !

Sandcats are on tour, starting a couple days ago! . Rjyan and Roby, or Robyan as they are known in their married life. They got each others same tattoos and they have matching hair cuts, and they look like amazing midevil people from the future (sic), like cat people from beyond. They met in my kitchen when we made the Muy Romantico record. Last time they played me thier music, it was high pitched singing hyper speed french disco album on the wrong speed, and it was an opera about people, news anchors who become famous for screwing (i think). It was def an outcropping of thier love, which inspires me deeply and complicated songs about complicated fucking is more interesting to me than songs about how no one understands you. (That's the Steely Dan trope: yr too young to understand, and yr too young for anyone to bother understanding anyway. It's complexion of adult life. "Only for the grown n' sexy", but maybe more "Only for the grown and grizzled" or "Only for those who are old enough to barely remember Jay Mc Inerney, drooling Beaujolais on yr titty, back in the 80s".)

mp3 from the demo

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