February 05, 2006


El Bowl Super Loco!
What you missed about the national anthem: Dr. John playing the piano and looking grave, shot only from below, appeared to be scowling towards the endzone. Aaron Neville's voice was small, sounded like air being let out of a balloon. Would have liked some superbowl CGI make that knife (?) tattoo on his face come alive and dance across the screen. Also, his mic may not have been on. They cut quick to Aretha, who was dressed like any riche Chicago woman promenading downtown today: Chinchilla coat, teal tank top,, jeans, tons of sparkley jewelry, hair did. They opened the game with a moment of silence for Rosa and Mrs. King, then montaged to shots of black women in the stands.

Half time: The Stones is LOCO. Mick's outfit was half Wet Seal seasonal discount rack / half International Male Catalog, and he flapped around like he was trying to take off. Or dry off. Total prancenstein, showing his hip bones under that mesh sparkle shirt. Props to Keith for wearing windchimes in his hair, which already looks like a dream catcher someone left out in the rain. His hair is the band's spirit animal.

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