February 04, 2006


I saw you last night -- and cannot stop thinking about you since -- it was super crowded, I know you did not see me, but I was immediately smitten and could not stop staring, even though to get a glimpse I had to look through another girls pony tail. Would love to see you again sometime soon, maybe some place less crowded? Me: Jessica Hopper You: Doug Gilliards Ripping Guitar Solos. Where: Richard Buckner show 2/3.

9 pm Friday, Lincoln Park, you were on Webster between Racine and Magnolia.
You were absolutely covered in chocolate and crumbs, flecked with green frosting, an entire cupcake smeared across your bottom, choco-tracks all over you. It took me by surprise. I wanted to stop and ask you what was wrong, but my friend and I were in a huge hurry and super hungry. Me: Girl eating cupcakes You: the tables, chairs, floors and countertop at Sweet Maggie B's bakery.

My female friend and I were sitting in the corner booth at Sweet Maggie B's, and you came in with your two friends as the girls at the register were closing and began making comments about the pie was probably a week old, but you kept looking over at us when you said these things and kept trying to engage us in conversation, you obviously wanted to talk. I bumped into you on the way out and did not bother saying sorry.
Me: Annoyed woman dressed like paddington bear You: Old white dude in a leather bomber coat from a car dealership, shitfaced drunk at 9 pm on a Friday, looking to harrass every girl in site.

I was in the third row, was standing with friend, sandwiched around a bunch of talkers on dates, off time foot tappers and women with pokey purses -- still nothing could distract me from you. I have seen you at Schubas before, but you look different w/o the beard, it made me notice you in a way I never have before. You had my rapt attention. I hope you do not think this is creepy!
Me: Jessica Hopper You: Richard Buckners teeth.

We saw each other right when you walked through the door, you came over and immediately started talking to me and my friend. I made joke about how you kept taking your coat off and on. We talked about poetry, EMP and Olympia bands, you were really funny. You stepped outside for a cigarette and we never saw you after that. Where did you go? Me: Jessica Hopper You: Franklin Bruno

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