January 31, 2006


Download a podcast or stream the audio -- Joan Didion on Bookworm. Sad and tense, Michael Silverblatt is so solemn, but I think he's honoring her, manuevering through her grief v. tenderly. What she says about how writing is like being an aerialist, and about the issue of living in public by virtue of being an author, being a writer: I will not spoil it, but it'll make you sigh. I had to put down the dishes and listen twice with full attention. It is like a pinprick to your heart. Oh, Joan. Also, Curt Weiss send this VIDEOCAST OF J-DIDDY reading and answering questions at the Seattle library watch here. She is so cute, I like how when she reads, she still has her purse on. Raw, still.

I am also weirdly obsessed with The Dep't of Health and Human Services weekly Drug and Alcohol Information Podcast. Every week it's a minute and half about things like teen smoking studies, meth recovery, veterans with PTSD and alcoholism. Fascinating world of podcasts I love you!

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