January 29, 2006


Some solid posts at Fluffy Dollars this last week, just' sayin'.

The new Gossip video appears to be someone from paper rad showing off. Secondly, the fact that no one looks at the camera encapsulates Portland. The fact that Beth does not address the camera, that we do not see her eyes, and then her mouth, whenever opened is blocked by a mic really gives a different impression of the band. Their power, Beths physical address of what she sings about is entirely lacking. Are they afraid of looking like they want success? Or is the director trying to neuter them as statement? Or are they part of the post-Vice, post-irony, post-RISD graduation set, and there for they do not consider meaning? Or were they just thinking about what the rainbos flashing represents to people born in 1983, and the representation of rainbows? The meta-text bums me out and it makes the Gossip looking boring. Which is all wrong. Why is the Pink video way more subversive than the gender-queer, fat-positive feminist punk band?

Also, even if you are margin walking on reggae, you need to pick up I-Roy Don't Check Me With No Lightweight Stuff 72-75. It is a fragrant blossom of music. When punks get old they retire their interest three ways: reggae, disavowment or ONLY 11th grade favorites and whatever those people are doing now.

Last night's mudwrestling event was to benefit The Young Women's Empowerment Project which is a non-judgemental feminist charity that seeks to benefit women in sex work and those whom have been impacted by street economies. If you have like $6 or a thousand extra dollars to donate, please check them out.

Back to work. Gotta get crackin'!

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