January 27, 2006


I forgot to give you think lil link earlier Euro-blog about ART IDEAS AND POLITICX with useful links and an eye on news. Every post gives me an world of ideas and challenges me to find the time for MAKE. Maybe it will do the same for you. (Reminder: not to sound new agey, it is ok to just have the ideas and not all the time to see them all through. I feel ashamed about it sometimes like "why am I not sewing and making a quilted cat playhouse cover and soft sculpture? Why am I napping/reading a trashy magazine/tending to mp3 blogs instead of doing art! I am such a time waster! UGH. " --kind of needless. Maybe you feel like that too, so I am just saying. Lets make a psychic pact to not feel ashamed about not exploring every single project and good intention in our minds and hearts, and that just getting some of them done or started is TOTES COOL. Ok. Touch this squared off zone with yr preffered finger and say the pact in yr mind


finger goes here


Hear that clicking noise? That is the signal that our pact is done fermenting and is sealed. I know making promises to each other over the internet seems real dumb, but we likely do not know each other, so it is ok, because it makes it an act of faith.)

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