January 27, 2006


We live next door to a russian orthodox church with a bell tower. The bell has been ringing slow for a half hour. One theory in the house is that they are cleaning the bell and that is why it is ringing. I think there is a mouse in the belfrey and they are chasing it out. The chime is too even maybe for that. Perhaps they are relaying a message, SOS, to old people in the area, who notice bells. To tell them "We know it takes 51 minutes for you to walk to the grocery for canned beets, but today, it is warm, and the walk will not be so bad. I LOVE YOU OLD PEOPLE, xo God" -- OOOH, the bell stopped when I wrote that --I bet that is it!

Else, Lisa BK, downstate momma #1! wrote to share this link,52 Projects-- which I also pass on to you, because I know a great many of you are crafters and makers, and maybe you, like me, are sick of KNITTING'S SOCIAL DOMINANCE. I am starting to feel like knitting is the Interpol of reclaimative craft arts. But you know me, I tend to shit on what I cannot understand.

Good morning! High of 50 today! I am off to get interviewed about being a volunteer! Wish me luck! Exclamation points are not just for notes between high school girls! Do not be ashamed of being enthusiastic with punctuation!

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