January 27, 2006


I wrote a story about an old turtle in today's issue of Chi-Boogie's Reader. It's under "Our Town". It's one of my favorite things I have written.

Meanwhile, we just took a break from the very real business of writing previews and watched the re-run of today's Oprah/James Frey showdown on the television. Frey has his mouth hanging open the whole time like some pudding face nursing infant. James Frey is a mouth breather and after all his, errr, Rollins style tuff-talk though both of his books, he is of course, once put under examination and the bright lights of teevee, an invertibrate lil' nacy, with his mealy-mouth answers of "probably" -- making that snorty huff of a noise that teenagers make. Oprah asks "Did you lie?" and he answers "Probably." I think my favorite part is when he talks about running into someone who worked at/for/with the dentist that did all the root canals sans anestetic, and how that person told him it "probably" did not actually happen like that. Not like I super give a shit 3000 whether Frey's memoir is a memoir and even said in my review of his follow-up that I doubted it was true at all, but I did really appreciate Oprah being ungentle in deflating him so.

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