January 25, 2006


I saw my pal Eric Z tonight and the first thing he said was "I BOUGHT HIT IT OR QUIT IT IN TIMES SQUARE LAST NIGHT!" -- we were both incredulous. So, people in NY, there is a news-stand, up there in where Disneymerica's hot cock and late stage capitalism's spectacular spread meet amidst the LED-light glow -- YOU CAN BUY THE FANZINE I MADE WITH MY FRIENDS.

In other news, we are still trying, trying hard even to get it into someplace "cool" like Other Music, but it is an arduous process, currently dragging into month four -- but the good news, they have agreed to consider looking through a copy, as of Monday, to consider considering it. (PS. It should be at Bluestockings in the next week or so. I love anarchists.) If you see or know someone at OM who is named Geoff Albores tell him Hit it or Quit it is cool, we even write about bands that are more obscure than the bands they write about in Arthur, though they are not bands with lead zither, they are just punk bands demos or r&B that is so mainstream not even ironic people know about it, only Julianne and queer black 6th graders.

In other news, Nick Sylvester's Riff Raff Column has outdid his did re: The RS Kanye cover AND THUS made me laugh so hard my headache came back " Kanye's been doing the I=Jesus thing for a while, sorta sloppily I might add but wishy-washy enough that people haven't been able to pin down/call him out a la Voice/Public Enemy. But this cover could have been a chance to bring it all into high relief--why not commit to a real shocker? The crown of thorns is cute. But why not have Kanye on the cross, with a boner, fucking a bag of gay Eucharist? Why not have the cross played by Terry Schiavo, and Terry Schiavo's life support machines played by the ghost of Hurricane Katrina? Why not have Pope John Paul II jerking off to it all?" Amen, and fuck Jann Wenner with a dirty garden hose. For this, Nick Tosches (not-yet-dead) ghost does the ass clap in heaven. I cannot blv this kid writes like this and still manages to be a virgin at 23. CRAZY!

In other news, The new Pink Mountaintops record is about Jesus. The last one was about the aquisition of carnal knowledge. I thought that was their stee, all official, but alas, Stephen McBean has repented, and the new record, on cursory listen is not about humping in the woods. OH WELL. If you like Black Mountain, then you might love Pink Mountaintops, because it's the same people/person, less jangley and more "legalize marijuana". It comes out in three weeks on Secretly Canadian.

In other new, if you live in or around Chicago, someone sold the entire John Zorn discography, on CD, imports included, to Reckless, and minus the one I picked up earlier today, they are all there, for ten bucks a pop.

In other news, I got a haircut and no longer look like I am wearing a the Hulk wig, as the love of my life so aptly put it last week.

In other news, the wind is blowing really hard and the chimes on the porch sound like someone ringing a dinnerbell violently.

In other news, the article that Julianne and I wrote together, our investigative report about Suicide Girls and their dot com, is out in the FEB ISSUE OF SPIN. Six pages of hot pink drama. I suggest you pick it up, if you have the 2.95$ extra to spare, because we did a good job and we worked on it for about a combined 600 hours.

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