January 22, 2006


Many new things were learned, mostly via podcast; oh podcast, my strange new obsession. Do I need to be subscribed to six different science podcasts and do I have 3.5 hours a week to science learning? I half know, and I have wishing answer of "absototely!", though I may have to ditch "the natural science news of the smithsonian" because the man reading has a high dramatic voice, the kind that is good for reading things like horrible Missed Connections out loud to your friends, not say, historical precidents of bird-carried epidemia. Meanwhile, over the night time, amongst otherwise silent cooking adventure (home sick, still in 'jamas into the night time):
1. Anne Lamott, my favorite author of texts practical and spiritual, when speaking freely about George Bush, is unbearably shrill and righteous.
2. Greens and vegetables should be kept in the drawer in the bottom, closer to 36-40 degrees, meat and dairy should be kept between 36 and 33 degrees of coldness.
2a. There are weirdo 13 yr olds who call in to cooking shows asking what kind of authetic dips to make for their Greek themed 14th birthdays.
3. Basil Brave Heart's story about Lakota tradition and getting sober 31 years ago made him, the show host and myself cry. It's streaming here, starts about 23 minutes in .
4. Hustle and Flow barely has enough dramatic build or content to adequately fill a 30 second commercial, let alone a rap movie.
4a. That in the end, everyone wins in Hustle and Flow, because Moral Tales are relative in 2005. Everyone feels good about prostitutes, prostituting, actually. The only woman upset with it, she is mostly just upset because her husband is not coming home for dinner to pray--BUT, we get the heavy message--she is proper and uptight and rigid and unduly upset because her husband is engineering a rap tape at the "ho-house"-- which she gets eventually okay with, once she hears the song, because the song is so undeniably good, she forgets, forgives and suddenly understands him. The pimp's prowess is great, he is omnipotent.
5. If you cook apple with too much clove, it'll take like medicine and make yr mouth go numb.
6. Estimates of people to die in shipwreck on Lake Superior, from 1840's til Edmund Fitzgerald in 1975: 12,000-30,000. The germs of way dead seamen are in your midwestern drinking water, as well as the stuff in the stores marked Dannon, which pumps from there.
7. Sometimes the dead seamens, while still living, would get on little life boats and float around untill they did freeze to death, covered in snow and water. Then their bodies would contort in to gnarled trunks, weathered and adhered to the boat by ice. Sometimes the boat would not break up from the waves but instead, come to shore on it's own, with a dead mystery crew.


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