January 20, 2006


You likely already know this, but, Ida. Totally crucial and you may think you know whats up but chances are you might be overlooking essential catalog. I Know About You came out in 1996 on Simple Machines, and it was the 12th of 20th record I did press for. I was 19 and fumbley, and could not bring them to hugeness. I blame myself, but also, it was a big year for like, The Prodigy and remix albums and things they could not be farther from, so we can blame Simon Reynolds some too -- but alas, here is retroactive penance: If you do not have the album, go buy it while the shit is still in print.

It is sick business and utterly pristine and as depressing as anything, yet, "Little Things" is one of the best songs about trying and friendship and oh, love-- what a song --just mobbed by ache! When they sing "And I want you to notice this / And I want you to try"with concern and then the hook raises like a welt, turning a little then-THEN, together they sing "Don't give away / what you can't live without"--(SUCH Wretched conviction! And it starts the album! Get right!) All sly and pretty, whisper steady and then BOO YA. The part where Liz's voice goes high country at the end "I'll try to understand you." in a Cartery-yodel. I die.
You could stop there, cos it's worth yr entire 12.99 and 8% tax, BUT THERE IS STILL MORE RECORD!
PS, "Back Burner" is like having yr guts driven over by a frontloader. Forget it. Total mess. It is every young luvved break up, tearstreaked and misunderstood, served hot. But under that, it's the uplift, the joy, the happily ever after, the greeen grassed what-ifs buried amongst raw abyss.
You know the part in "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers where he says "I know" twelve times? It's that kind of intense, but for about 40 sustained minutes.
Go buy it.
Do not burn it off your friends.
Dan and Liz are real people and they live in the country with their daughter and they are artists true as everything and deserving yr support way more than whatever trashy fashion band yr dealer is trying to sell you on.
Go buy this record, you will not regret it for an instant.
Not a single instant!

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