January 19, 2006


I have barely learned this lesson myself, but sometimes you gotta pick your battles . You do not fight over someone's pleatfronts with payless kicks steez, especially if you want to live long enough to get those new stamps from the post office (PS-- who wants to make a Cam'ron death pool, as J Shep's bet is that he'll only be allowed to live for about another 45 seconds...) "You Anthrax/We George Bush/ You Saddam Hussien" metaphor, perhaps a more complex relationship than Cam intended to invoke. Also, really "you're ugly and you cannot dress and you are also 40" is not that compelling of a beef. This could get interesting. Could. Could.

Also, Krystle writes to let all the old riot girls that read this blog Babes in Toyland shirts are on clearance at Hot Topic, for their 30 years of punk sale for $8.

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