January 19, 2006


Why are you not doing this? PLAY A SHOW FOR OLD PEOPLE. Think about it: everyone loves to do direct volunteering to feel good, but usually it's all "soup kitchen" style, and people love to donate money to kids and diseases, but people do not like to volunteer with the elderly because it reminds us we are getting old and one day most of our friends will be dead. THINK ABOUT HOW AWESOME IT WOULD BE TO GO PLAY THE BETHESDA HOME. THINK ABOUT BEING 88 AND BEING BORED AND A LITTLE DEPRESSED IN YOUR ASSISTED LIVING SITUATION AND BEING PLAYED SONGS BY STRANGERS, AFTER HOURS OF NON STOP CNN WATCHING AND BEING LONELY.
C'mon --You know covers, you could play your songs accoustic, make the time! I will so go with you and play tambourine/maracas, but you will have to drive, ok? The only requirements are that you are a competent musician and you enjoy being around the elderly says the website.

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