January 18, 2006


I put it on my myspace and on Craigslist, so pardon my threepeat, but I got hotjunk for the unloading: MY COPY MACHINE. I used to be a professional, I ain't no more. I am a stay at home cat mom and music hobbyist. But have a like new mid sized Konica copier $600 obo. 2 years old, 16,000 copies on it, life of the machine is like 400,000 copies-plus. SMALL OFFICE GEM. Think about it, you spent $600 at kinkos in a 4 month period! Email me so I can sell it to you. My kitten-cat needs braces, please help me pay for it by purchasing this office machine from me.

I can tell you that tomorrow, for work, I get to go see THE WORLDS OLDEST TURTLE, who's stupid human named name is "Snapper". Why is his name not "Old Dirty Turtle"?

also, new word for you: "absototes"

use it!

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