January 17, 2006


Two notes:
1. The phone people changed my phone number on me. I have a new phone number. Email me if you need it.

2. I have been made aware--next week, in Liz's column in the Chicago Reader, a picture of me is appearing in which I am lifting my shirt, showing my gutnourmous cake filled gut, have my mouth hanging open like a braying donkey and appear to have not one, but in fact 2 or 3 chins! I do not look like that in real life. I look like this:


Except in real life my sword is made of butter, my hair is not a stripper weave, I wear eyepatches on both eyes, I have a jail style Babes in Toyland jail-style tattoo covering the entirety of my back and I have one tooth and it has hair growing from it.

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