January 14, 2006


Why do people keep calling JT LeRoy's books MEMOIR?! I heard it twice on NPR, and in several major news sources. If anyone has read Sarah though it was thematically, supposedly, based on "his" childhood -- if you have past the first sentence, you know it's magic realism --impossible things happen magically. It's marketed and sold and labeled as fiction. Sure it's about truck stop whores and a horrible childhood, from someone who supposedly lived it... It has more in common with Alice In Wonderland than James Frey-- it's hallucinatory narrative and sexed up Katherine Dunn rip-offs (PS. Why are both Truck and Attack out of print, yet Geek Love is in it's 888th printing or soemthing?). With JT LeRoy, the issue is THE HOAX and all the people that feel stupid helping her (Laura) out over the years (myself included), JT telling people that it's a matter of transgender identity, and lying about being HIV+, suckering people for her own game/gain, suckering people into helping put her son thru the tawniest private school in SF. It's sick shit. James Frey is perhaps "worse", duping many many more people (but deception is a primary element of addiction --it's the nature of alcoholism, "the fundamental inability to be honest with oneself or others" -- is part of actual definition of the disease.) Curious to see how this all pans out.

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