January 14, 2006


((from the Mess Hall --I am going, if just to get the 800 band-list poster! sheesh!))

"A Herstory of Hardcore"
Friday, January 20, 2006
7-10 PM
All ages!

Mess Hall
6932 N. Glenwood Avenue
Rogers Park ("Morse" stop on the Red Line El)
773-465-4033 (for information on the day of the event)

Please join us as we track the complex history of women in Hardcore, Punk, Noise, No Wave, Garage, and whatever other underground music we can dig up.

This event will be a little more expansive than usual, but the music will be as loud as ever! Starting at 7:00 PM, WLUW DJ and music historian Emily Agustin will give a talk on the early involvement of women in rock and punk. A free poster that lists over eight hundred relevant bands from the 1970's to present will be handed out to give everyone a loose framework for this extremely vast subject.

Following a little discussion and articulation of the impact women have had on punk and hardcore, we will open the floor, walls and stereo to the participation of attendees. Together we intend to create a visual mapping and timeline of women's participation in hardcore and other extreme music forms while blasting sample tunes along the way. The evening will round out with an open stereo session for attendees to play relevant vinyl and CDs for each other in a celebration of the Herstory of Hardcore. Please bring records, cds and a beverage to share if you can.

About Hardcore Histories:

Hardcore Histories is a series at Mess Hall devoted to unpacking the history of Hardcore punk music through presentations, discussions, free posters, meals and interactive social events. The series is currently co-organized by Marc Fischer, Terence Hannum, and Paul Lloyd Sargent. The past nine events have been devoted to: 7" records, Brevity in music, Queercore, Straight Edge, a candlelight dinner with the band He Who Corrupts, presentations on Les Thugs and The Crucifucks, and a series of Italian, Swedish and Finnish Hardcore Dinners with regional music and cuisine.

The next Hardcore Histories will be a version you can enjoy at home. It will be a large curated archive of URLs for Hardcore music videos and live clips that we have found online. Stay tuned.

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