January 13, 2006


Ever notice that "No Hands" by Hot Snakes sounds like a medley of "Over The Edge/Doom Town/ So Young/Messenger/Romeo" -- aka side one of The Wipers' Over The Edge.

The Wipers / Zeno Records website a. streams Wipers songs and b. it's flash animation grafix look like a public access show montage for a call in show about conspiracy theories on weather manipulation.Totally Portland. Totally as old school as that neon peace sign Wipers logo. I am serious when I tell you The Wipers are my favorite guitar punk band. Hot Snakes/Swami Recordssssssssss website on the other hand is 120 minutes into the future, with it's anime duck and interactive third eyes and crazy maps. I saw Hot Snakes once, their moustaches were pre-'ronic era, it was at Michigan fest, young men freaked out about it. I do not know so much about that band, but in ninth grade I bought the first Jehu album the day it came into the record store, mostly cos it was on clear vinyl. I went home and made a mixed tape for the kid who got me into punk rock, who I will name if only to sully his rep (ANDREW SEMANS NOW OF NYC). I had gotten cocky and I had gotten competitive, and I wanted to show him that like, I hung out at the record store a lot and knew about all kinds of shit he didn't, so I put the last song on the album on there. The one with the locked groove at the end. I had no idea, conceptually, of a locked groove as I was 15 and all the vinyl I had was a Fastbacks seven inch. And thus, it took about 8 or 11 minutes for me to realize "hey, something is wrong here!" -- you know, I just got into punk, I knew it was crazy and repetitive, but how would I know the record was just skipping. I gave Andrew the tape, and the following day, once he had listened to the 14 minute "extended" version of the song, he told me I was retarded and that the song sucked. But I knew I was right. I beleived in my heart I was right, because Andrew LOVED The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and I knew, even in my most fledgling of tastes -- they were in fact terrible--and that was a trump.

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