January 12, 2006


Matt Wright writes:"i am so feeling you on the amazingness of country boys. sooo so good. what's cool about is it gets you past the "christian goth metal dude" and "nerdy dude who works are taco bell and draws superheros" and actually lets you see these people as real people. mitzy crisp, the principal, is totally inspiring (and has an awesome name) and chris' friend jay is a saint. dudes don't say things like "you know i'll always be there for you chris, because that's what buddies do", but jay does. imagine what would happen if dudes did say that? anyway, i'm glad jay does, and i'm also glad i now know that mentally handicapped people can actually be as bright and shining as he is. i feel you on chris being kind of twisted, but i also think anyone who bros down with jay like that, and calls him "partner", can't be so bad. the "bite me" stuff is creepy though."

Amanda Dunn, freshman at U of Kentucky wrote to let me know, not all of Kentucky is like what is portrayed on Frontline. Just so everyone knows, just to be clear, I was not seriously mocking Kentucky and it's people. I am from Indiana after all. The show I played at the Knights hall in Louisville (with Breather Resist, Colliseum and From Ashes Rise) was one of my favorites ever, the kids were all awesome, the town was sleepy and humid. Driving through Kentucky was one of my favorite things about that tour. So, please do not mistake, I am on Kentucky's side.

Shows of musics that you might like, which I def like
1. Saturday night at the ol' Empty Bottle: Tyrades and Die Slaughterhaus. Punk Blitz/garage hitz. Know Die Slaughterhaus now.
2. Sunday night at the nu Fireside: White/Light, noise drone fantasy which features my mister, with some new-new post-Traitors outfit of Billy Smith, also of noise.
3. Mondayfuckingnight, at the Bottle, on the evermore-popular FREE NIGHT, Bird Names, whom I wrote about already on this blog and in this weeks Reader.
4. Toni Braxton is playing House of Blooze in March. Miles thinks I like Toni Braxton and alerted me to this fact in via AIM yesterday. Also, he said UB40 is coming. Just passing it along, you might be a fan of box-wine types of music. You may love both of them deeply, even.

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