January 12, 2006


Country Boys part III ended with a simmer. Did not have the dramatic oomph I was hoping for, and it really sealed my loathing of Chris and his constant attempts to win and manipulate sympathy from everyone who is trying to help him. By the epilogue, when he's totally given up, and living with his only friend (who despite being illiterate and retarded, according to the PBS website, consults on Kentucky political campaigns?!), working at Pizza Hut, I felt sorry for him. The part where the friend says "If you teach me ta drive, I'll teach ya how to get food stamps, Chris, that's what friends is for," totally broke my heart though. The trellace-work in their living room is an amazing decorating step though. My only question still unanswered: How can Cody sing in his metal band without moving his lips?

PS. I missed the most mindbreaking part of the show, but Matt filled me in: the part where the teacher asked the hypotheticals about if kids believed in abortion in cases of incest-rape pregnancy, the kids talking about the incest-rape kid with the deformed hands that went to the school who committed suicide, and then the teachers assurance that even in cases of incest, the kids generally come out ok, incest does not always equal birth defects, so, you know, abortion maybe should not even be a consideration. GO KENTUCKY! SHOW AMERICA WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT!

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