January 11, 2006


J Shep beat me to it . Ted Kennedy shouts it down, Arlen Specter goes King Baby, gavels his high chair, voice cracking above the din. I am with Teddy, membership to a supes-racist/sexist/homophobic club for like 10 plus years and saying you did not know it was a bad deal cos you were not getting around to opening the newsletters, come on.
Dem's may be a little heavy handed, but Hatch and Specter and the fucking doof from Iowa whom I forget the name of, ugggh they only let Alito answer yes and no before they finish the sentence for him with bon mots like "I figured that would be your answer because you yourself are not racist, and you are handsome judge with impeccable ethics according to whats written in the "memo" section on this blank check I have from the Bar Association, and how could you be racist, being an Italian minority yourself; Italians, who the KKK thinks do not count as white, isn't that correct Judge Alito (blows kiss)." Hatch in particular, his salesmanship is all used car lot kabuki, painting mise en scene with broad strokes, like how some people talk to the aged, foreign or animals.

Fuck Orrin Hatch. I wish Ted K could shapeshift into the form of a shark and just eat him up. On TV.

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