January 11, 2006


Andy totally called it, part two was dark to it's core. New theory: Chris has a personality disorder, and all that grunting signals when he switches in to "Xavier"-mode. He's so manipulative, it's sociopathic. I no longer feel empathy for him. Him telling his mom "Bite Me" was a turning point in when I began to loathe him. Though, after his mom making him lie to the principal so that she could still collect his disability check--I maybe do not blame him.

The amount of untuned guitars played over the course of episode was excruiciating. I also wonder why Cody's mouth does not move when he talks. I think the final installment, tomorrow, features a lot of parts about his dreams for his bands.

Part one is now viewable online.

1. The part where Chris rubbed coral-peach lipstick all over his moms face with his own face.
2. The part where Chris' mom chases him to the end of the driveway, a full 36 feet, backwards in the car, instead of walking.
3. Chris' girlfriends "OD" on 99-cent yellowjackets.
4. The jewelled sword Chris gets for Xmas.
5. Chris' calling in absent to school because he "was up all night with chaos" -- best excuse ever?!
6. How often Liz say's Cody's name (every 5 words). Makes for a better drinking game the coal train/school bus one.
7. The choir's death-sentence-vive / their tuneless Amazing Grace/Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer medley
8. When Cody talks about knowing his gay friend "back when he was straight"
9. The science class where the teacher talks about how the THEORY of evo-loo-shun says we descended from an ape, but Jesus was not an ape, "the bible says he looks like an ordinary man" -- and how "god made molecules".
10. That the place Cody gets his nipples pierced is called "SMALL TOWN PIERCING"

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