January 10, 2006


Last night, Julianne Shepdini-Romantico Sr. was filling me in on what I'd missed in the Alito hearings and she said something about civil war a-coming. I woke up early (9:20 AM!) just in time to hear the questioning switch up from Patrick Leahy to Orrin Motherfucking Hatch, I understood what she meant. Leahy was heavy...handed...oratory, putting the hammer straight down on Alito's face, and then Hatch comes on asks, patronizing innocence, snark meter buried up in the red, lobs to Alito "So, are you against women and minorities going to college?" and sets up a joke for Alito that I swear, they must have worked after a few dry Cutty Sarks at the club, about how Alito came to understand the, uh, benefits of a having a co-ed college while at Princeton--if you get his drift.

"Chuckle Chuckle" went Orrin Hatch.
"Chuckle Chuckle" went Judge Alito.

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