January 09, 2006


On nerd whim, tonight, we invited JR over to watch the Frontline special Country Boys because JR was raised downstate and it looked "interesting". I thought it was just like a one hour special about life in factory towns, but it's actually a six hour documentary airing in three parts and man alive, I have never seen such fucked up TV in my life.

Two appalachian boys, followed through high school. Depressing, comedic and mindbreaking, it's kind of like a deadly combo of Lord of The Flies , a Real World: Hawaii marathon, Hee-Haw, Paradise Lost and the cumulative horror of 10th grade rolled into one. You can watch last nights episode at the link above, if you have two hours to spare, get caught up for Tuesday's episode.

1. The kid's christian "goth metal" band that actually sounds like Suicide / Silver Apples with cookie-monster vocals.
2. The bands song about how the kid's dad shot and killed his step mom while she was on stage stripping, then shot and killed himself, and how as a result he became born again at age 12, praise jesus. Looking into the camera while you sing a narrative electro-ballad about your parents muder/suicide: the most intense moment on PBS ever.
3. When the other kid and his mom try and get the hog out from underneath the trailer home.
4. The little sister eating spaghetti, in the recliner, with her hands, and telling her brother about how the other kids are teasing her so much, tying her hands and turning a hose on her. She is about 5 or 6 and has the deepest accent, pretty much, ever.
5. Parents bumming cigarettes to their 15 year olds.
6. The teen goth couple nervously making out for the camera: revolting is two 10th graders hi-speed frenching while eating McDonalds.
7. When the grandma finds the used condom on the goth kids floor and asks him to explain. "It's hard" he says. "Well, tell me why it's hard!" she says. WTF?!
8. When the goth kid supposedly quotes II Corinthians verse 10 about how it's ok to wear your hair anyway you want.
9. The look the dad gives the mom when she says she beleives their daughter is still a virgin.
10. The goth kids guitar solos at "Mega-Worship" - shredding!

I can't believe it's on PBS, or Frontline, even, for that matter, because it's pretty WB, plus, the kids say "shit" a lot. Suggestion: You can make a drinking game--do a shot everytime there is a long shot of a school bus or a coal train, you'll be wasted after about 22 minutes. YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS. YOUR MIND WILL BOGGLE.

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