January 08, 2006


A note, an interim posting, as thrift store, sewing machine, kittren claws and trash beckon for greater attention before the day is out:

Bird Names plays the Bottle on the 16th, that is a free Monday show. The songs on their page are not my favorites, and make them sound like the Fuck Emos meets early Deerhoof, which is not so much whats they sound like. Their album, Fantic Yard, is one of the better surprises I got in the mail this year, and can surely be purchased at their show. There is a song on there called "Pinatata" which is a narrative about a pinata party ("They hang it from a tree / Then they blind fold me / Pinata is filled with candy / sweet, delicious candy/Candy Candy Candy/ Candy Candy Candy") and it's kind of an electro cha-cha with flutes, which I enjoy greatly. Most of the rest of the record is no wave surf blizzard and faux naif bedroom jawns, cardboard-fidelity. See you at the show!

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