January 07, 2006


It's not insomnia. It's more like... poor scheduling. If this was freshman year and I lived in a dorm, I would be flunking all my morning classes. I am going to sleep so late now that Matt and my overlap-hours of sleep are between 4:30-7:30 am. Sometimes I go earlier, practice sleeping, or just lay, watch Matt breathe and r.e.m. flutter. It is a bad way to be, this going to bed at 4 am issue, at least not without a decent reason. I must be very quiet for the up and downstairs new neighbors who already have to deal with the cattle-drive noises of kitten and cat chasing rattley toys and jingle balls and each other back and forth run run run the length of the apartment.

So, we are very quiet, and we are waiting for sleep to crouch and attack us, and in the meantime, we are biding time, waiting for Walking The Bible to come on. Hopefully it is better than the two-hour drama about African AIDS pandemic that was yesterday's late late late show.

Goodnight, sleepers.

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