January 05, 2006


"I read JR's blog, and I do not think there is anything wrong with Thunderstruck. I think that it's a metaphor, for how heavy AC/DC is, that it's beyond lightning, they're striking you with thunder."

I did not follow through on my domestic apocolypse throwdown of making "a snack tray" for Matt's viewing of the RoseBowl. I did make dinner and I did serve it to him. I have crossed over-- and I am totally into it. Experimental snacktrayism is in my future, I feel it fully.

I multitasked during dinner-make, and am nearing completion of my several month-long travail: putting my entire CD collection into the itunes on the external drive so that I can get rid of the best piles that follow me room to room like a stink. I have less than 50 CDs left to go. The pile on the table now is promos I got in 2002 that I have been meaning to listen to since they arrived (reminder: Do Make Say Think's first two albums are frosty and tops, Milemarker's videos on Satanic Versus=an era is dead) .

Meanwhile, I have 23,310 songs at my disposal, and the only thing I wanna listen to is Best of Connie Francis on repeat. Seriously. On the cover, her hair looks like it's made of Butterscotch flavored Magic Shell/topping.

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