January 03, 2006


I think, upon casj recall, my favorite part of the weekend was Robin and I trying to teach another friend of ours, a girl, some moves, while I dj'd. She's danced to rock bands, but maybe not ever to le hymne du Dipset . Our suggestions were many, it went kind of like this:

"Kind of...Toss your hair"
"Wait--, not like Robin is doing. Not "flip your hair"--no, like you're a pony."
"Be like a foal"
"Ok, feet should not be stationary that long."
"More hips. Think grinding... less circular motion, not like, lamaze or gyration. --more like humping the air."
"Ok, there, yeah. Yeah."
"Ok, no, not that kind of grind-- too strippery. Just work on feeling it."
"You totally got it."
"Yes, and if that doesn't work for you -- when in doubt, do the rip it up."

It was successful. Our friend worked it out and looked comfortable dancing, she was the marrow of the very dancefloor by the time I played a remix of 112's "peaches and cream" which is an amazingly turrrrrrible and amazingly-amazing song filled with sub-Pharell-level sexaphor, a song, which I must make note: Alex from Spankrock MOCKED ME IN DISGUST FOR PLAYING. Which serves me right, because I am that kind of snob -- but only when people do shit like play Busta Rhymes. Except I just whisper to my friends. Is that better than telling them to their faces? Maybe. He tried to walk away after the eyeroll and the eyebrow raise, but I grabbed his arm "No, you do not understand, I Love 112, this is song revolting and great!" -- my midwestern earnestness was hardly a match for his East Coast scrimination, I felt, but I tried. Midwestern kids, dude, they'll dance to most anything except disco and dancehall. We're desperate, dancing kids are wasted, and at 100 o'clock am, anything with that 808-pounce will do, be it Diplo or Black Box. That's all about that.

Also, I must remind you: The version of "My world is empty without you" off Diamanda Gala's 1998 live alb Malediction and Prayer is so tremendous and scary and worth finding. It's also reprised on her newest album, and you can listen to 1/4rd of it here on her site. Worth the legal downloading price, surely.

And the last thing I want to ask is, does anyone in the Chi-boog vicinity want to buy my mid size copy machine? If so, please write.

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