January 01, 2006


I pray my resolutions, so it's mostly 'tween me and god, most of it, but for the sake of public interest, I am still in year nine of working on being nicer. Nicer and more reasonable. Or reasonable, I should say. There is hardly enough to qualify a "more", ya know?

Thank you so sweetly to all the nice people of the audience and friends who sashayed and swayed when I played the records, I felt like Paul Oakenfold, opiating the massive. It felt like a conspiracy-joke: Some kids from Columbia, MO had thier picture taken with me, "huge fans" they declared. The baby-aged men of the s'incredible Spankrock were screaming my DJ name everytime I put on a new cut, and going that funny Dipset-karate and screaming AAAAGH, tearing holes in the air, but I think that's just cos I played "No Diggity", and that's everyone's favorite song. I got Britt to dance --I have known her 177 epochs, and have never seen her dance. One girl asked for my autograph, and another kissed me on the head "You are my favorite"-she was tied her shirt up and was wearing bedazzled yoga pants and smelled like champagne and nag champa; everyone was wasted and when people are wasted, whomever has the house 12"s cranked loudest wins. I rung in the New Year playing Inner City's "Good Life", toasting my plastic cup of virgin Shirley Temple, mauling Matt's sweet face with mine own.
It bodes well, sweet babes, it bodes well, this nu-yr.
2006 be awesome.


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