December 29, 2005


Tiny Lucky reached out to the most knowledgable source we know on all things Vandermark, compatriot-critic Peter Margasak, in order to best answer the question that poured in yesterday:

Ok, I will buy a Vandermark album, but there are like, 46 of them, where do I start?

Peter says: "V5 hasn't made a record with Fred Lonberg-Holm yet. The last few with trombonist Jeb Bishop were less frenetic than the band's earliest stuff- when Bishop doubled on screaming, Sharrock-esque electric guitar. Of the recent, more muted offerings I really like Airports for Light (2003), but it you want more skronking Target or Flag (1998) would do the trick. I think Ken's best current project is the FME (Free Music Ensemble) with bassist Nate McBride and the Norwegian drummer Paal Nilssen-Love; the group's new album Cuts is an unholy throwdown of high intensity scorch, subtle interplay, and naturalistic ebb and flow [-ed.]. Super great. I also really dig all of the recordings by the large ensemble Territory Band, a dense mix of composition and improvisation, with the extended horn work--featuring the great German trumpeter Axel Dorner and Swedish saxophonist Fredrik Ljungqvist--set against amazing electronics, first by Kevin Drumm, and these days by Lasse Marhaug (Jazzkammer)."

Vandermark's website, which also has a special discography page where you can break down releases by ensemble, all 14 of 'em.

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