December 27, 2005


I voted. This is what I told the Village Voice about how I felt about this years music. Contrast/ compare with the list of mine that runs in this weeks Chicago Reader -- note last minute substitutions of Kate Bush and Mary. I feel funny about so much indie rock -- but --it was a good year for men with guitars, it's a tight field -- as a genre, they are making a strong come back--and I realized I could not deny Berman "I love you to the Max!"-best love-antho of the year, I think and plus, I gotta go for the underdog--everyone else had M Goats and Hold Steady in the ups. Also, for Common, I am actually on voting for half the album, technically, or even just "The Food" when it comes down to it. I wish I could turn half the Kanye and half the Common albums into one album, one super album. Also, last minutey, I bumped off Bun B and Paul Wall from the singles votes because I forgot how much I loved Safety Pin and MFA, Chi-Boogie drumz punk and kompakt-kronk, respectively. There were some songs off Trina's Glamorest Life, but they were beaten out by the better pussy-sing-a-long of the year, c/o Spank Rock. I voted for "Trapped in The Closet pt 3" but then realized that I voted wrong, I think it's part 1 that has the line "Oh My God / A rubber!"--which is the best anything to happen to anything all year. TO THE MAX TO THE EXTREME IN YOUR HEIRARCHY AND IN YO FACE!


1. sufjan stevens illinois asthmatic kitty 10
2. spoon gimme fiction merge 10
3. make believe shock of being flameshovel 10
4. mary j blige the breakthrough umg 10
5. common be geffen/umg 10
6. pelican the fire in our throats hydrahead 10
7. kate bush aerial emi 10
8. silver jews tanglewood numbers drag city 10
9. lungfish feral hymns dischord 10
10. sir alice s/t Tigersushi 10

Artist Title Label
1. spirit ditties of no tone deerhoof 5rc
2. dance my pain away rod lee morphius
3. sex wit you marques houston UNKNOWN
4. mjb the mvp mary j blige umg
5. luxurious (remix) gwen stefani ft. slim thug interscope
6. put that pussy on me spank rock white label
7. (i got the) bougeouis blues safety pin terry plumbing
8. trapped in the closet (pt 3) r kelly UNKNOWN
9. numb tomas andersson b pitch control
10. the difference it makes the MFA (superpitcher remix) kompakt

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