December 23, 2005


I picked up a copy of Babel at Myopic, this aft, for a loose $10.50. The name of the previous owner was on the first page, in delicate script, reading "Edith Frost".

In a yard down the street, someone has up a monolithic inflatable snowmen ensemb, a dad snowman flanked by two half pint snowmen, snowsons mebbe, all lit from withtin. The little snow dude on the left, has a defect, one would guess, and is now half deflated and bobbing forward, carrot nose folding up as he bobs facefirst into the larger snowman's snowcrotch-zone. The mittened hand of the larger snowman is affixed to the back of little snowdudes head. This slowly deflating snowman bloje-a-trois is in the front yard of one of those new construction condos with the 2-story living room windows: how are the owners not noticing? Perhaps they are face down drooling Corona-spittle onto their white leather couch. Perhaps they are subversive perverts who rigged the whole thing up themselves. Perhaps.

Banner day for statcounter keyword search results. To the two people who got to this blog by googling "Trent Reznor bottom or dom?" and "What the fuck is up with my leg?" - hello and welcome. I hope you find answers.

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