December 21, 2005


TODAY, kiddos, a revisitation to landmark albums of 9th grade. (Goo or Daydream Nation - purchased around the same time, were the last CD I got in a longbox. Longboxes were phased out shortly after that, I remember this because the first task I had at the record store I worked at in 9th grade was building/assembling a rotating cardboard display that came from DGC to hold, specifically and only, GNR's Use Your Illusion I & II. Not to be all "those were the days" re: longboxes, but anyhow.)

My Patti Smith luv-a-thon is up now, c/o the CBC, though they confused me for Anthony Miccio --it erroneously states that I write for the Voice--but you knew that. God Bless Canada and it's peoples.

And my Sonic Youth's GOO is hot bananazz review is up as well.

Please note: I call both these albums "sweet" and "violent" -- I'm not lazy, both are.

Also, after 26 days without at-home DSL, my internet has been installed, I can now update this thinger with pictures of my kitten 24 HOURS A DAY. Blve it!

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