December 13, 2005


Numbers sometimes more potent than any words about the war.

Link courtesy of Pygmailion in ze Sheet Rap networks uncovered in science .

Songs that are worse than "My Humps". Maybe.

Jane Dark's ever-unfolding franconalysis. Thank god someone speaks french round here.

Julianne on kate bush .

"If you’d like to hear 2 hours of cool music and my own special brand of vitriol once a week, be sure to listen to the show." Henry Rollins Special Vitriol™ goes public, again.

In a world where Trent Reznor rides around the desert landscape with groupies on a chauffered golf cart... How come a promotional film, created and funded by the Coachella promoters is seeing commercial release? I know, total non-issue, but why/how does that happen? If Coachella can do it, with impunity, how come we do not see the same for Brian Culbertson's EPK?! He's surely as deserving as those Grammy™-nominated fardles in Arcade Fire!

Don Cab is now the math rock answer to Doors of the 21st Century , which Damon Che as the Ray Manzarek, pimping the corpse of a dead band.

JR still has the best blog in America and/or Egypt-town

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