December 11, 2005


Suggestion to someone with more time than I: Make a Mash-up (so 2003, but it's time to reject "latering" in all forms!) of Jay Ferguson's "Thunder Island" with The Andrews Sisters "Christmas Island".


I am real proud of my display of Y2K style survival skills last night. It was snowing and I could not get a cab from the old place to the new place, and I had laundry and trinkets to get home. Much more than an armfull. So I made a laundry sled from a fake Chanel chain belt and a mail tub. I walked the mile home and it was really easy because there was 2 inches of fresh snow to glide upon. The only people that gave me any smirks were two 15 yr old baby ganstas and I was like "whatevs, you just wish you could ride in it!" because they were standing in the street waiting for their mom to de-ice the wagon to give them a ride. Laundry Sled Por Vida!

Matt and I went to see Friends of Dean Martinez last night, they encored with a zillion minute version of "Summertime" into "Kentucky Waltz".Tonight is Nels Cline en ensembe at the Bottle. GUITAR BLAZERY. In 1996, I saw Nels Cline Trio do a vers of "Scooter + Jinx" at Spaceland to 11 ppl that was better than the Sonic Youth original. Peep Nels Cline cos he's rarely, if ever, less than tuff-ripz.

I got confirmation: 12/22, I AM GOING TO STAR PLAZA IN HAMMOND INDIANA TO SEE ANDY WILLIAMS AND I EVEN GET TO WRITE ABOUT IT. I luv AW : he's totes paleo at this point, olden leather-tan crooning machine; xmas melodies by the kilo. Hubba hubba. I will spend the whole time in anticipation of "Moon River" aka My Favorite Song, and also I will be screaming out for "Call Me" and "Summer Wind" as he does them better than anyone else. 12/23: CIARA (NOT A MANSVESTITE!), BOW WOW, TREY SONGZ, CHRIS BROWN, MARQUES HOUSTON AND MORE AT THE HOLLADAY JAM AT ALLSTATE ARENA. Marques Houston's "Sex Wit' You" (or is it "sexwhitchoo"?) is the best male R&B flo-gasm since Avant's quiveration in "I Can Read Your Mind". Me and 14,000 B96 listeners cannot fucking wait!

PS> Rest in Peace Puss Puss, your were fat and mean, two of my favorite qualities in animals and humans.

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