December 03, 2005


We tried to blow off the stress and go on a movie date tonight, but mistakenly, we saw tthis Japanese film with bad translation that we thought was a "scary movie", but, instead was a movie where black smudges appear on walls, lights blink, people do not die but instead get tired and then turn into little pieces of paper when they get upset enough, then, when that happens their friends scream their name and grab at the paper like they are in those catch a dollar machines. Sometimes they just scream their friends name at the smudges ("Junco! JUNCOOOOOOOOOOOO!") then collapse dramatically on to the floors of various store rooms (this happens about 10 or 11 times) around Tokyo. The best part is the ghosts; when they were about to show up, a modem sound would go off and the music would go BOOOOOO-OOOOO-OOOO all halloween haunted house soundtrack musicality. Then the ghost would show up and try rub it's extra dragon lady length weave on frightened women in ill-fitting pants that made thier butts looked like diapers, while the light blinked. The women would be frozen stiff and unable to run from the whipping weave... then someone would put red tape up somewhere (fuck visual metaphor, unless yr Luis Bunuel), and more modems would sound. Unscary to the max. If you are going to have people shooting themselves point blank in the head, you should also have a bullet hole or at least blood. This is America, we've seen JFKs head splat on Jackie's suit in slow mo... we know that shit ain't clean.
Then! the city disappears, stranger-friends escape the empty city and all it's mediocre CGI smoke, via a yellow banana boat.
It was terrible.
I think, really, it was supposed to be a metaphor about how the internet makes us strangers, but for all I could tell it was about the holocaust, Shoeless Joe or Ed Bradley's love-hate relationship with Harry Reisner. If I could remember the movies name, I would warn you not to see it.

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