December 01, 2005


Are you fretting what to get yr finicky music snob for xmas? Numbero Group Subscription Club is my suggestion. Hit their site just to read their press release for the jokes --""Can't subtract? We just saved you $29.88, enough money to buy a VCR."" (Do not take this plug as a secret hint about what I want for xmas, because I already got the hook up, and you need that Miami Funk/Bounce from the Past comp more than I do. Plus, I already asked for a new mop for xmas.)

Also worth perusing: Becky Smith reviews Walk The Line . Becky Smith turned 23 last week. Happy Birthday woman.

People in NYC, ask for Hit it or Quit it, the best magazine in America, the new issue, ask for it 66 times in a row at Other Music. According to my distro-mice, shit is going to be going there soonlike.

There is little to tell you about my day that is worth repeating aside from after putting Seal n' Peel on every window in the house, filling the house with the gnarly smell of "topholene" I announced, unthinkingly "Ugh, I cannot get the taste of that caulk out of my mouth," to my boyfriend.

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